About Loretta

Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me. 

Have you ever longed for encouragement from a woman who knew something about the path you are walking? Me too! As a result, I love to encourage others, especially women. That is the main reason I blog here. I firmly believe that I need to do my best every day to figure out how to apply what I’ve learned about living as a Christian in what ever situation I find myself.

I worked many years in a difficult workplace. I was a woman in a science field. When I began, this was a man’s world, thankfully, that’s changed a lot these days. I had difficult co-workers and difficult managers. I knew that’s where God wanted me and my goal was to serve God where ever he placed me.

I spent a lot of years traveling for work. That was hard! If you have a family there are one set of challenges. If you don’t, well, there’s another set! Those were exhausting years. Those were years where God used some of the loneliness to really mold me and grow my faith.

I came from a really messy family. I walked through various types of families as both a child and an adult. None of them were typical by any stretch of the imagination. But, God used these situations to teach me many things. He still is!

My passion is teaching God’s word. I also really like memorizing God’s word so I always have it at the ready.

In my spare time, I read, pet some special kitties and try all things DIY. I love the water in nearly any form so I prefer my exercise and my leisure in or near water. I also like hanging with God’s people so I attend a small group with my husband and love meeting with my Tuesday Ladies.

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