About Loretta

Loretta Gjeltema

Loretta is a teacher. Her passion is Biblical literacy. She believes that apart from salvation, nothing has changed her life like time in God’s word. One of her greatest pleasures is watching other women gain a taste for how time in the word can be life-changing.

Through her ministry, Loretta hopes to encourage women to thrive as they engage with God’s word. Loretta understands that when you prepare to grab spare moments, time to ponder scripture can be squeezed into even the busiest schedule. A particular focus for Loretta has been scripture memory. But don’t let that scare you! Her experience has shown that a few simple tips can help you plant God’s word in your mind, which then becomes a powerful force in your life. She blogs and shares God’s word weekly along with tips for pondering the word so it becomes a lifelong resource even if you find yourself without a Bible or access to Google.

Loretta loves name tags. Her memory for Bible verses and faces far exceeds her memory for names. She has shared many laughs with lifelong friends whom she’s called by the wrong name. She has spoken to groups of many sizes and has been an invited speaker at women’s events and workshops as well as hosting a weekly study for women in her home.

She’s married to John and has three bonus daughters. She is grandma to 7 grandchildren whom she adores! Loretta enjoys chocolate, the darker the better, and meeting friends for tea or coffee. Her past-times include reading, sewing, and water exercise.

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“If you want to stay strong when you get into hot water, you need to be steeped in the word!”