God Gives the Best Gifts!

Our father gives good gifts

I’ve been thinking about gifts. This is something I do not do well. My friend Valerie is a master at choosing gifts. She knows just the right thing at the right time. She once sent me a purple robot watch necklace. If that sounds like a crazy gift, it’s because you don’t know me like Valerie does. We both enjoy our tech, in fact, my husband calls us the “gadget girls”! And purple, it’s my favorite color! I think part of perfect gift giving is knowing the recipient well.God always gets it right! He surprises us with gifts we didn’t know we wanted or needed but they are undeniably perfect! Like the hummingbird I spotted that reminded me of my mother when I was feeling down in the dumps or the friend who walked into my life as an employee but had my back during a most difficult time.

Let me tell you about the most unusual gift I’ve ever received. My mother had just died. Two friends from work knocked on my door with a basket of cleaning supplies, a box of my favorite sparkling water and a big bottle of bubble bath. They ordered me into the bath and poured a can of water over ice while they cleaned my house before the family started to arrive. That gift and those friends were straight from God!

I do not understand what you need today my friend, but God eager to provide it! #MemorizeGodsWord #VerseAWeek Click To Tweet

I do not understand what you need today my friend, but God eager to provide it! I have no idea how it will arrive at your doorstep. It may be practical, a bit of fun, or pure indulgence. Whatever it is, I do know this, it will be perfect! But only for you.

I pray this week as you keep this scripture before you that you will remember, God’s got it! Whatever you need He’s one step ahead of you. The perfect gift is just waiting to solve your problem, bring you comfort or joy.

Father, thank you for every good gift you pour out on us. We know that it is impossible for you to give us anything else. No one knows us like you do and no one loves us like you either. Help us look for your incredible gifts this week!

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