How Do We Learn?

How do we learn Matthew 28:20

There are many ways to learn, one of the best ways we learn is by example. Another, is by investing our time.

I don’t think my mother liked to cook. I never asked her, but I don’t remember her happily spending time in the kitchen. I did not learn to enjoy cooking from her, nor did I learn to cook.  My grandmother, she enjoyed cooking! We reminisce with the cousins about the good things she cooked and the things she taught us. I recall pulling up a chair to stand or kneel on as I watched her work. The few things I learned to cook, I learned from my grandmother.

We show our children what we value by where we spend our time, especially our happy time. If we learn to enjoy reading our Bible and read it in front of our children, they will learn to value this time and enjoy it too. If we live a life that reflects what we learn, children will learn that we value what we read enough to let it define us.

Others learn what we value by what we talk about and by how we spend our time. This is how the first disciples learned from Jesus. They spent three years in his company. They learned what he valued, where he invested, and what he enjoyed. What they learned passed to those who walked with them and then on to those who read the letters they wrote to the church. We are still learning from those letters and a record of Jesus’ example today.

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How we spend our time molds our lives. If you study God’s Word, your life is more likely to reflect the things you read. Now you could memorize verse after verse, and refuse to let them impact your life, but God’s Word is not an ordinary book, it’s living and active, it changes lives! So, even if you never memorize a verse, just by thinking about verses, letting them impact your heart and your mind, God’s word will impact your words, your choices and the way you treat others. Others will know what you value, where you invest, and what you enjoy.

Even though I value committing verses to memory, I know that some of you find it difficult. Don’t let that bother you! Take the pressure to memorize off yourself. Review the verse every day, put it where you will see it, with or without the picture. You will learn from it even if you don’t learn to quote it word-for-word. The more you learn, the more you will obey God’s commands, and those who watch you will learn too!

I’m praying this week that your heart will soak up God’s word. That your life will show the time you spend and that you will live assured that Jesus is with you, even to the end of the age!

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