Study Romans with the Tuesday Ladies

As we study Romans together

I’d like to share a copy of my quick notes on the SOAP Bible study method. You can print this off and paste it in the front of your notebook. It will remind you of the steps you can take each day to study scripture and apply it in practical ways to change your life in these confusing times in which we are living.


  1. Download the guide.
  2. Grab an empty notebook.
  3. Wait for your weekly scripture writing prompts by email.
  4. Put your study time on your daily schedule.

You will be glad you have taken the time to spend time studying God’s word and praying about applying it to your life. God promises us that his word will change us!

Scripture Writing Pages

Try to write these scriptures every day. You want to understand them and be able to recall the gist when needed. The goal is not necessarily to memorize them word by word but to make them a part of your spiritual arsenal. Ideally, you would choose a different translation each day for writing your verses. Print a page for each day you write.