No Longer Condemned

Romans 8:1 I'm no longer condemned.

No condemnation. I’ve needed that message for a long time, and chances are I’ll need it again. I’ve been sensitive to criticism my entire life. I’ve endured a lot of it. The criticism has not only come from others but sometimes my self-talk is pretty condemning too, but I’m trying to change that! I grew up in a family that was pretty harsh with words. I thought this was normal until I was a grown woman.The freedom to know that no matter how I mess up, I'm not condemned, that's a powerful freedom for me! #aversaweek #memorizetheword Click To Tweet

The freedom to know that no matter how I mess up, I’m not condemned, that’s a powerful freedom for me! Perhaps you too have walked that harsh path. As Christ-followers we will be met with love and understanding, even when we mess things up. We can know that we will receive love and a ‘do-over’ whenever we ask! Well, actually, we don’t even have to ask for the love, it’s just there, it’s who God is. But he loves to hear us say we are wrong and ask for another opportunity to get it right.

I’ve had this freedom in Christ for many years, but in just the last dozen or so years, I began learning to embrace the freedom. This my friend, has lightened my load in life like few other things.

This is a verse you must not fail to write on your heart. If you have not already done so, embrace your freedom! Know that God forgives rather than condemns. If you need to repent and ask forgiveness please do it. Then embrace the freedom! A friend of mine frequently offers a word picture I love, dancing with Jesus. Yes! Let’s dance!

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