Surviving the Rough Times

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.

Oh the angst!  No matter where you get your news the focus of the events of the day can easily lead to a sense of despair.  It seems that no choice is a good choice.  We look around at the events of our day and see senseless violence, greed, corruption and hopelessness in so many places.  You can focus on leaders, laws or other man-made solutions to the problems, or …

You can make a conscious choice to keep your focus on the one who has promised to be with you no matter how tumultuous the world grows.

I am choosing to keep my eyes set on the one who is above all governments.  The one who is above all creeds and agendas.  The one who is simply…above all.

Rather that get dragged down into the despair and hand wringing look up.  Focus on the one that has promised to hold tight to you no matter how much the winds of change and evil blow against you.  No matter how high or fast the waters grow.  The one requirement…just like Peter, as he walked on water, we must not take our focus off of him!

2 responses to “Surviving the Rough Times”

  1. So true! Thanks for the reminder, Loretta!

  2. This came at a perfect time! Such a great reminder not to get caught up in sides or the least of evils. We serve a mighty God who has us in his hands. Thank you for this Loretta.

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