Test the Promise

James 1:22 Act like you believe it.

Diet plans are a dime a dozen. We read about them, we hear about them, and if we want to lose weight, we try them. How do we decide what to try? Speaking for myself, I try what I believe will work. I take the first steps to test the promise. Once I see a change in my body, I’m more likely to stick with the plan and share the plan with others.

But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. James 1:22 (NLT)

James is pointing out to us that if we really believe God’s word, we will put it into action! The proof of our belief is by our action. Now I know, we don’t find salvation by our own actions. However, if we truly believe in the power of God and the principles he lays out for living our lives in his word, then we will test the promise by implementing what we read.

James said earlier in this chapter that we should lay aside the sinful living that we had before our encounter with Christ. Any void must be filled with something. James suggests that we fill the void in our lives with obedience. God’s word is powerful.  When we allow the word to reveal our sin and then live by the instructions the word gives, our lives will be powerfully changed. But, if we refuse to see our sin, or we don’t implement a new, obedient way of living as our sin is revealed, then there really is no power in reading or even memorizing God’s word.

Today my pastor talked about the rich young ruler and his encounter with Jesus. This young man was not really open to change. He asked Jesus, “what should I do” but when he heard, he was unwilling to change. He was not willing to look inside himself and decide that change would give him what he sought. So, he went away sad. It really is sad, because he had just encountered the true answer to what he said he was seeking. He’d met a man who would fulfill his promise.

If I have discovered the ultimate diet plan, but I continue to overeat daily, enjoying all sorts of sweet, rich and salty foods, then the diet plan is worthless.

I have discovered the ultimate plan for changing my life, exchanging the old way for a life that is called abundant by God. But I have to do more than just read about it, I have to grab hold and live it!

This week I pray that you will allow the word to reveal in you the change God desires. Then friend, live what you are reading and learning from God’s word. That is where you will find the power!

Put It Into Action
  • Are you willing to test the promises of God’s word by putting them into action?
  • Are you letting go of sin and filling that void with living according to Biblical principles?
  • Are you seeing God’s power in your life?

If you don’t see God’s power just now, hang on! Not all change is instantaneous. In fact, most lasting change is not! Sometimes you have to step back a bit from the situation to see the change God brought about. If you find yourself here, then I’m praying with you!

Father, help us to bravely test your promises. Give us the courage to make lasting change in our lives. To let go of our sin and ask for your help to live out your word. I believe you can change us. Help us cooperate with your holy spirit and continue to learn from your word as you transform us into women who enjoy abundant life!




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