Top Ten Tips To Be Steeped In the Word

Bible 10 tips to memorize God's Word

Hello! Thanks for jumping over to grab your list of my Top Ten Tips to be Steeped in the Word.

Ever notice how when you dunk a tea bag in hot water it makes tea? It doesn’t make coffee or hot chocolate; it makes tea. It’s kind of like that with our lives too. When you end up in hot water, and we all know we will, what you put in is what is stronger when you come out.

I’d like to suggest that having a life steeped in the Word is just what we need to grow strong when we wade into those uncomfortable and painful situations in life. So, to help with that, I’ve created a list of Ten Tips for Living Lives Steeped in the Word. If you would like a copy of that pretty little list, just sign up for my e-mail list and I will send it to you!

Along with the list, I will let you know when I have a new post and will occasionally send you a note of encouragement created just for those who belong to my email list.

I do hope you will join me! I’d like to encourage you to thrive as you engage with God’s Word!


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