What Freedom Provides

And if the son sets you free you are truly free

This last week I pondered my freedom a great deal. I want to see my freedom as God sees it. Not from a cultural view or from my own selfish perspective.

In this portion of the gospel of John, Jesus makes the argument that a slave can never have security. Even a beloved slave can be sold. Once an owner dies, the slave is available to be purchased by another owner. Only a family member has the security of freedom.

Jesus came so that we might be adopted into God’s family, therefore, as family members, we are truly free.  Because we know the truth (Last week we looked at that.) we are able to discern what is true. As a member of God’s family, we know he will not die or leave us to be sold to another. He has adopted us as daughters (and son’s) and therefore we are truly free!

From the perspective of a woman who craves security (Don't we all?) I cannot hear better news! #averseaweek #memorisetheword Click To Tweet

From the perspective of a woman who craves security (Don’t we all?) I cannot hear better news! My father, full of love and grace, has accepted me into his family to love and protect unconditionally.  The one named Truth, told me so. I’m smiling wearing a great big smile just thinking about it!

What freedom this gives! The powerful position of being a daughter of God. This knowledge makes an incredible difference in how I live my life. I don’t walk in fear, I walk in the freedom of a daughter. I have a mindset of being loved and accepted. I am free to love God and love others where ever I am no matter the obstacle, because my father, in his incredible power, will always look after this daughter.

Rejoice with me this week in the freedom, true freedom, found in Christ as we are adopted into the family of God. Take that freedom and run with it! Shower God’s love on those you meet, everywhere you go. This is a short verse. Say it to yourself a few times and write it on your heart.


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