What It Takes to Really Experience Change

What It Takes to Really Experience Change

Twice a week I go to a deep water exercise class. After several months I’ve begun to see a pattern. There are those who come to work out and there are those who come to tread water and chat. The working out group are getting stronger and hardly miss a class. Some of us are loosing weight and finding that we feel better and enjoy life more. For me, this class has made an amazing difference in just a few short months. It was not easy, especially in the beginning. I had to force myself to go back to class on Thursdays when I was still sore from Tuesdays. But now, after experiencing the benefits for myself, I don’t want to miss a single class!

As I’ve studied James with my Tuesday Ladies we learned that it’s important that we let the word point out areas where we need to grow and then work to make changes in our lives.

But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. James 1:22

Just like with the exercise class you can attend church services, perhaps a weekly small group, or even have a daily Bible reading and prayer time. You can listen and read and discuss, but if you don’t do the hard work to put what God reveals to you through his word into action in your own life then you will not develop ‘spiritual muscle’. You won’t display the change that the spirit can produce in your life. You will just be fooling yourself.

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I have decided I’m not going to be a water treader or use my time in God’s word strictly as a social occasion. I don’t want to be a spectator I want to be a changed woman! Just like I have experienced powerful changes in my physical body, I want to experience powerful changes in my life that come only from applying what I’ve learned in God’s word.

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  1. Amen! This is so good; I can identify with wanting the fruit of God’s blessings in my life, but I know that I have to do the labor to reap a good harvest. I’m glad you are gaining great physical and spiritual muscle! Thanks for sharing! (Your neighbor at Holley Gerth’s place today!) 🙂

    1. Christin, thank you for your kind words. Once we figure out we have to do the work that’s half the battle!

  2. Hi Loretta! I’m also journeying with James. What i’ve figured out is to keep it real. If I can’t faithfully apply a big idea from Scripture, then start small and build. The important thing is to get started. Thanks for the encouragement aND blessings from your neighbor at Holley’s

    1. Alice, great to be traveling this journey together! And good advise.

  3. I find myself saying a loud AMEN to all of this! I don’t want to be a water treader either!

    1. Crystal, so glad this resonates.

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