When It’s Too Big to Control You Need Power Under Control

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. Pslam 147:4

I already knew this thing was too big to control. We flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. It was very dramatic. This bubble of windows flew low over the trees with a recorded soundtrack playing. It was some dramatic music I don’t remember, only that it was building to a crescendo. Suddenly, the ground fell away beneath us, and we were over the canyon. I’m afraid of heights; I gripped my husband’s leg frantically. But then I became enthralled. Tears threatened to burst free, and I was singing How Great Thou Art in my mind and soul. It was just too incredible to express. But what an expression of God’s creative power.

When we gaze into the night sky or watch the eclipse of the sun like John, and I did a couple of summers ago from a park near our home in the path of totality, we know we see something awesome. If you have any faith at all, you realize the power and attention to detail that was needed. Or, if you spend your professional career looking through a microscope at the wonders of cellular life and the order and detail you observe you realize that it’s just another expression of this same awesome power.

But hear this, while his power is capable of control, he is not interested in being controlling! #steepedintheword #averseaweek #memorizetheword Click To Tweet

Now, jump to your life. If God is in control of the stars and cares enough to order the microscopic world and I’m telling you there is amazing order there! Then it is rather foolish to think that we can do a better job of controlling our own lives than God can. If God calls the stars by name, then he’s interested in more than just their position in the sky. He knows your name too friend, and he’s interested in every detail of your life. But hear this, while his power is capable of control, he is not interested in being controlling! He can provide you with an orderly and amazing life. This is called abundant life in his word you know. But he provides the order by giving us guidance on how to live our lives. He allows us the freedom to ¬†“opt-in” or out and then for those who ask for his salvation he works to guide us down the best path by his spirit and his word.

This is why I learn his word. I have learned that God’s order is something I want in my life. I’ve seen its awesomeness in the skies overhead, the canyon beneath our helicopter and through the microscope. I know that at every level of creation he does awesome things. I want in!

What about you? Do you want to learn more about God’s plan for us by studying his word? If so, are you actively doing that daily? I hope so, and if you are not, let me tell you from experience, it is life changing….in a great way!

Putting it into Action

What are the most awe-inspiring¬†displays of God’s power you have seen in nature?

How does thinking about what God does in the natural world inspire you to trust him?

If you trust God, what are you doing to learn about his plans for you?

Father, I have seen your awe-inspiring works in creation at all levels. I don’t pretend to know the power you possess, but I know it’s bigger than I can wrap my brain around. Seeing your power helps me to see that absolutely nothing that happens to me is too big for you! Thank you for providing me with the assurance that you not only care about every detail of my life but have the power to do something about it! Thank you too, that you allowed me the choice to love and trust you. I want to trust you by learning your word as a guide for living my life.

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